The Hit Lab is a Recording Studio
based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Studio was founded by Howie Combrink in October 2014. In 2015 producers Neil Engel and Rici Martins joined the studio’s dynamic production team.

What do we do?

Corporate sound design
Professional production
Film Scoring
Original Composition
Voice overs
Final Mixing
Audio Editing
Live music recording (Drums, Piano’s, Strings, Voices, Choirs)

Who we have worked with?

Jennifer Rush
Chiano Sky
Prime Circle
Claire Johnson
Lloyd Cele
Danny K
The Muffinz
Pro Kid
Khuli Chana
Michael Lowman
Karlien Van Jaarsveld
Kurt Darren
Arno Castins
Stuart Reece
Charlie Finch
Jeanine Price
Loyiso Bala
Mali Kelly
Gracepoint Church

And many more

The HitLab Studio Gear List

Pre Amps:
Neve 1073 x4
Neve 88R lb x4
API 512c x4
UAD 4-710d x4

Analog Compressors:
Neve 2264A-LB x2
Purple Audio MC77 x2

Converters and monitor control:
Universal Audio Apollo 16
Dangerous D Box

Yamaha NS10
Yamaha HS 1 sub
B&W 804
B&W Sub
Macintosh MA7500 Power Amp
Inkel Power Amp
*The studio is also fully equipped with Mogami cabling

Logic Pro x
Pro Tools
Mac Pro

Controllers and Analog Synths:
AVID Artist Control and Artist Mix
Native Instruments Maschine
Native Instruments Komplete 61
Korg MS 20
ARP Odyssey
Ensoniq TS 10

Shure SM 57 x3
Nuemann U89i x1
AKG C1000 x1
AKG CA251 B x1
AKG D770 x3
AKG C4000 x1
Audio Technica ATM33A x1
EV RE20 x1
Shure SM 7B x1
AKG C414 x2
Warm Audio WA47jr x2
Sennheiser 421 x3
Earthworks TC25 x2
Earthworks SR 25 x1
Earthworks kick pad x1
Shure Beta 91 x1

Beyer Dynamic DT770 Pro x2
Audio-Technica ATH-M50x x2
Beyer Dynamic DT150 x2
Rane HC65 Headphone Distributor

Fender P Bass USA 1978 x1
Fender Brazilian Rose Wood Telecaster USA x1
Fender Stratocastor 1992 USA x2
Taylor C110 x1

Guitars Amps:
Marshall JCM900 British Head x1
Marshall 1960 4×12 Cab x1
Peavey Vintage Guitar Amp x1

Steinway & son’s Model Sons 1954 Piano

Pearl Reference Redline
Ludwig Black Beauty Snare
Pearl Dennis Chambers Signature Snare
Sabian HHx Xcelerator Hi Hats 14”
Sabian HHx Extreme Crash 17”
Sabian Evolution Ride 20”
Sabian Xplosion Fast Crash AAX 18”
*Various shaken and hand percussion